1) Monetizing Content Creation with Adsense

This includes video, blogging (or both) on a niche that your are passionate about.
For me… I started a1daily.com in the past (doesn’t exist anymore) I ended up struggling with the ongoing need to create content that I wasn’t super crazy about. And I had to create content while waiting for the Adsense revenue to pickup.
Here’s my take on it. If you want to build a brand, attract free traffic (very valuable) and won’t rely on Adsense… this is for you. Don’t expect to see big money (or any money ) in the first couple of months with Adsense, but you will with building a list.

2) Telecommuting Hourly Jobs

People don’t know that there is such a thing called “telecommuting” which means work from home. And they span from all sorts of job descriptions.
When I was starting off, I went to sites like craigslist.com, flexjobs.com and upwork.com to find these telecommuting jobs.
My goal was to leave my 9 to 5 day job looking for paying jobs with an hourly rate.
The process of finding and landing the job is the same process it takes to apply for a job at a brick and mortar business. You have the interview process, you have to wait till they screen it out.
Here’s my take on it. These Telecommuting jobs are generally for customer service, video editing, copywriting, web design, web programming, tech, and general assistant work. Expect to have a few doors close on you with your first attempts. But like everything else… never but you eggs in one basket. Apply to many jobs and eventually you will land one that fits you.

3) Building an Dropshipping E-commerce store

There’s been two ways I took this approach with generating income from this.
My first dropshipping store was setup to do fulfillment from Alibaba using an app called “Oberlo.”
Within 1 week of completing the site, I realized I didn’t have passion to continue on making and running traffic for a niche. So Instead, put the site up for sale and within 4 days of posting it online it sold. 
I sold the site for $1250.00. I conducted selling the website through escrow.com to assure the buyers that their money will not release until all passwords and domain ownership have released
That was an “AHA!” moment for me… and I got into the strategy of creating and selling businesses and realized the long-term equity goal of building up a profitable e-commerce store. Had I kept my store around long, built it a bit more… I could have sold it for much more.
Now I see the beauty of an e-commerce store.
I’m own to my next e-commerce store: http://cattoysforboredcats.com.
If you’d like to see how I built this dropshipping sites in 1 week with just 100.00, subscribe to my youtube channel.
Next week, I’ll be posting a video series on how beginners can launch an e-commerce store within 30 days with just 100.00.

4) Email Marketing & Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever seen those ads where they ask you to download an ebook for free?
Chances are these businesses are completely brand new to you. Business like to show ads to people that are brand new to them. They give away free value content to win them over in exchange for their email address.
After downloading the ebook, you realize they begin to email you with more awesome value information. Sometimes, businesses will send a video for you to watch. Eventually, you will finally end up see a special limited time offer for a product of service.
This is one way of doing affiliate marketing of the many ways of doing it… but it’s my most preferred way because it allows me to list build simultaneously.
Learning how to do affiliate marketing has it’s financial rewards once you’ve found the right product to promote. It has been more rewarding for me is having an affiliate manager (and sometimes an affiliate resource center) for the product I’m promoting. Having an affiliate manager has be an undercover affiliate growth coach for me.
Most affiliate managers are already educated affiliate experts and they don’t mind if you email them and pick their mind if you’re lost. As long as you don’t take advantage of that and you’re not harassing them everyday.
Here’s my take on it. It will take a lot of trial and error to get a good grip of affiliate marketing. Build an email list and capture as much emails correlating to the offer you want to promote is a task in itself. Don’t expect a good return on your first month attempting this, but don’t stop optimizing as well. Always look for an offer that has affiliate manager. It’s there job to make sure you make money and if your traffic works for them so you’re not wasting you time promoting something that doesn’t work for you.  Sites to look at are http://clickbank.com or http://peerfly.com.

4)Creative Real Estate Investing

Creative Real Estate Investing isn’t like the traditional process of buying a house and gaining equity or rental income off it.

It’s entirely different actually and there are many strategies of approaching making money with Creative Real Estate Investing.

I’ve seen this way of making passive money online work really well for couples or people who have business partners. Neither of you don’t have to be experienced in real estate investing and really all you have to commit is a few hours of time making phone calls and doing a few paperwork here for some pretty good returns.

Traditionally, I’ve seen some clients do deals that get them between $3,000 sometimes up to $25,000 per deal. And they’ll be doing between 3 deals a month on average.

You’re literally just flipping contracts with buyers and sellers and taking a cut for being the middle man conducting the transactions.


Realtors know about this Creative Real Estate Investing and frown upon it mainly because it steals deals away from then and also any average job just goes in and gets a profit of a couple thousand for what is sometimes 1 week of work.

Here’s my take on it. If you are new to this, you always need a coach for this. Biggerpockets.com will grant you so much information about the best strategy from other people doing it… but there will always be a question that comes up and you absolutely are stunned with. Stuff like…. “What do I say to this seller?” or “How can I convince this buyer to invest now?”. If you apply the correct strategies correctly, this can be a very lucrative source of income. It requires a lot of salemanship and that’s where a coach will help you flourish. 

If you’d like more information on creative investing and would like a free strategy call with badass real estate investing coach, go to Stevenhowellmentoring.com.

You can book a free call with him and he’ll answer any questions that you may have.